2014, a Year of Monsters and Mayhem

Hi! Eric here, typing from my parents’ basement in North Delta.

Boy, has it been an amazing year for The Critical Hit Show.

In the world of the show, we fought Bear Bees, Tikisaurus Rexes, Lumberjerks, Terrorclowns, Blooderflies and Vampirates. We played Trap/Treasure/Cheeseburger/Bag of Shit, traveled to the distant island of Galindor (twice), the inside of Benoit’s head, and Hell itself. And of course, we ended the year with the wedding of Ingrid and Brask!

In the Real World, we did a total of 15 shows, including Emerald City Comicon, Gottacon, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival. That’s a lot of dice rolling!

This show would not be possible without the amazing cast. I want to take this moment to thank Ian Boothby, Joanna Gaskell, Barbara Kozicki, Allen Morrison and Shaun Stewart for being so amazing month after month, Brian Anderson, Billy Campbell and Brad Rossington for being special guests, and to Paul Hendricks for being an amazing technical improviser. You’re all fantastic people and I am the luckiest person in the world to be working with you.

But you want to talk about REALLY fantastic people? Okay. You. All of you who come out to The Rio Theatre every month to watch five misfit heroes save the world. You have actually choked me up on stage more than once with the love and support you give the show. All of us here at The Critical Hit Show appreciate you more than could ever be expressed. This has been a wonderful 12 months, and I can’t wait for you to come with us to see what happens next.

What does 2015 have to offer the Heroes of Tarkindale? I’ll give you a hint: your adventure begins in a Tavern…