8 Questions, 48 Answers

We recently asked you to submit questions to the cast of The Critical Hit Show. We’ve compiled them (and combined some of the more similar questions) into the answerstravaganza you see before you! So read on, my friend, and get to know us!

1. Are you doing any more conventions this year?

Eric: We don’t have any conventions planned for this year for The Critical Hit Show, but if that changes, we’ll announce it very loudly.

Barbara: None scheduled yet, but I would LOVE to!!!

Shaun: I accept any invitations to go for free and do the show.

Allen: I go wherever my convention booking agent, Eric Fell, sends me. Actually, I’m a panelist at the Tri-city Magic Convention in August with Critical Hit guest star Brian Anderson. I’ll be there to talk about improv, but it brings me one step closer to actually being a real wizard.

Ian:  Vancouver Fan Expo, VanCaf, and I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con,  Dragoncon and Barcelona Comic Con but not as an official guest.

Joanna: I’ll be at GenCon, Terminal City ComiCon… and maybe more if I can get Standard Action in on panels or screenings. PAX would be great this year – fingers crossed!


2. Do you keep track of all past NPCs and villains?

Allen: Only the cute ones.

Shaun: As much as my memory allows me to. Off the top of my head, that includes a big swan, several doppelgangers, and the dragon that killed Thrask Hellbeard.

Eric: Some of the minor NPCs slip by me (like, say, Town Guard #2 from the April 2012 show), but the villains are all cataloged. If the Adventurers ever want to revisit an old NPC I need to be ready with whatever crappy celebrity impersonation I originally used for it.

Barbara: I’m bad enough with names of the three-dimensional people I meet. I think I have defective facial recognition software.

Ian: The month between shows is enough for a pretty strong mind wipe.

Joanna: It’s like a D&D game. I never remember the NPCs’ names, but as soon as someone starts telling a funny story about what happened when they showed up, usually it rings a bell.


3. Other than The Critical Hit Show, what is your “geek cred?”

Eric: Gosh, I don’t know where to start with this. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t know where to end with it. Looking to my left, I can see my collection of vintage Star Wars figures, my autographed picture of Christopher Lee, and a sketch by Mart Nodell, co-creator of The Green Lantern. How’s that for a sample?

Allen: I’ve directed two full length magic shows in the past three years (starring Brian Anderson). I write a blog called How You Can Be Cool, which gets pretty geeky sometimes. http://www.howyoucanbecool.com

I scored 102 out of 300 on this geek quizhttp://www.buzzfeed.com./awesomer/what-level-geek-are-you

Barbara: Red Dwarf, Star Trek, I juggle.

Ian: Writer for The Simpsons and Futurama comic books, Mars Attacks comics and The Flash, wrote the 4th Casper film, writer of a lot of the nerdy sketches for The Irrelevant Show

Joanna: I’m the writer, producer and one of the lead actors in the fantasy-comedy webseries Standard Action, and I co-host and edit the board game review show Starlit Citadel Reviews. I also showed up in the most recent Gamers movie, Hands of Fate, and I tend to travel the con circuit talking about nerdy filmmaking and the role of women in webseries.

Shaun: Trivia Quizmaster, bachelor’s degree in mathematics. I also choose fantasy sports teams using linear optimization and Bayesian principles of probability.


4. Do you game outside the show?

Barbara: I have and plan to again…. we just have to get our schedules in order and meet up!

Eric: I play an Elf Ranger in a D&DNext campaign. I’m also starting up a 13th Age campaign which I will be GMing, but we just need get our schedules in sync, Barbara.

Joanna: I do! I love Pathfinder, and recently I’ve been trying out a bunch of new games like Fate, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Torchbearer and Dungeon World. I’m loving the indy games that are popping up right now.

Shaun: Mostly video games. I’m a big fan of RPGs, and some particularly D&Dish turn-based grid games like XCom and Fire Emblem.

Allen: I play Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. Just picked up Forbidden Island. I love FIFA on my PS3. Don’t really play D&D because I don’t know the rules. I’m learning every show.

Ian: No, my nerdiness took me down other paths.


5. What other projects are you working on? Where else can I see you?

Eric: I’m one of the Gentlemen Hecklers, which is a movie riffing show (think MST3K) the 2nd Wednesday of every month at The Rio Theatre. I’ve also been performing with the Vancouver TheatreSports League since 2004. I co-host a quiz with Shaun the first and third Wednesday of every month at Storm Crow Tavern, and have a weekly quiz with Patrick Maliha Monday nights at Displace Hashery. I’m ramping up a new web series (It’ll be out soon I promise), and I occasionally appear on your TeeVee in commercials.

Shaun: The Gentlemen Hecklers which is usually the second Wednesday of the month at the Rio, hosting trivia at the Storm Crow Tavern the first and third Wednesdays of the month, performing the Bill Shakespeare ImproMusical at the 2014 Bard on the Beach festival (we take a single suggestion and turn it into a full new Shakespeare play with songs that are created before your eyes), and at Vancouver Theatresports.

Barbara: I’m in the Fictionals Comedy Company, VTSL Rookie League and the VFS Sketch Comedy Troupe.

Ian: The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio.  The Simpsons and Futurama Comics.  The Sneaky Dragon and Compleatly Beatles podcasts.

Joanna: You can find Standard Action at www.standardaction.com, and Starlit Citadel Reviews on their YouTube channel. I’m also pretty active as an actor and a voiceover artist in the community, so every once in a while you’ll hear my voice or see my face somewhere. 🙂

Allen: I’m a regular performer at Vancouver TheatreSports, I’m there a couple of nights every week. Writing for the web-series Namaste which is in pre-production right now. Writing and performing sketch comedy for Urban Jester which will be launching this summer.


6. How much more badass does Joanna feel with her new haircut?

Shaun: 4. I’m guessing about 4 more badass.

Barbara: Badass to the power of ten!

Ian: She’s 30% more terrifying in battle.

Joanna: Pretty badass. Definitely a level up. 🙂

Eric: Chuck Norris called me and said “Joanna can have all of those jokes now. Holy shit.” Then he tried to sell me a Total Gym exercise machine.

Allen: I have to boot for her all the time at the liquor store now, so, you know, that hurts her badass-ness a little bit.


7. Dear [CAST MEMBER], will you marry me?

Shaun: Probably. I’m impulsive.

Allen: I’ll try everything once.

Ian: Already married.

Barbara: I’m going to have to go say no, but thank you for the offer. It’s not you, it’s me.

Joanna: Mmm… probably not.

Eric: Sure! I’ll be right back. Promise. I just need to get something from my blue phone box…


8. Why cheese balls?

 Barbara: Because Eric brings them.

Eric: Nobody was eating the off brand Funyuns. Also, that big tub looks pretty hilarious.

Ian: So we’re not the cheesiest thing on the stage.

Joanna: There’s an unlimited supply of jokes around the words “cheese” and “balls.”

Allen: I don’t understand the question. Do you mean “Why Orange, Corn Meal, Maltodextrin Clumps?” because that’s a more accurate description of the snack we offer at the show.

Shaun: Why not cheeseballs, friends? Why not cheeseballs?


Thank you for sending these in! Please send us more questions, comments, and all that good stuff. We love to hear from you, and we will see you April 30th at The Rio Theatre! Get your tickets here!