Barbara Kozicki Joins the Cast

We here at The Critical Hit Show are very excited to announce the addition of a new cast member to our show: Barbara Kozicki!

Barbara Kozicki Headshot

If you attended the special Critical Hit Show at Cos & Effect, you would know Barbara from her debut as Ingrid, the Halfling Fighter, and if you were at the September Critical Hit Show, you would know her as the villainous Millicent Funch, who cruelly beheaded The Beloved Mayor Funch about a minute after marrying him.

Barbara is a busy performer, doing shows with The Fictionals, The Vancouver TheatreSports Rookie League, and as a corporate entertainer.  She can also be seen in the award-winning web series “Fools for Hire,” and on television shows and commercials all over the TeeVee!

Go ahead and follow her on the Twitter at and make her feel welcome!  HUZZAH!