Happy Life Day!

Merry everything, everybody!  Thank you so much for making the first year of The Critical Hit Show such a wonderful success. We can’t tell you how proud we are of the show, and how happy we are that you enjoy it.  2013 is going to be a fantastic year for the show.  We’ve got some great stuff in the works, and I’m happy to announce the dates for our next three performances:

Wednesday, January 30.
Wednesday,February 27.
Wednesday, March 27.

We’ll see you in January at the wonderful Rio Theatre!

In the meantime, here’s a curse table for you to use at your next gaming session. Roll a d10 and use the result.


Roll a d10, read the result.

1. Curse of Orange: Whenever someone speaks to your character, you have to respond in rhyme. Save ends.

2. Hack Impersonation Curse: Roll a d4.  Depending on the result, you must impersonate that person. 1: Sean Connery 2: William Shatner 3: Christian Bale as Batman 4: Carol Channing. Save ends.

3. Feline Adoroblitis: When you speak, you can only say the word “meow.” Save ends.

4. Runslaprun: During combat, you can move twice your speed, but you only do half damage. Save ends.

5. The Curse of Inner Voices: Whenever you declare an action, the GM can say “New Choice” and you must change your action. Save ends.

6. The Half-Mind Curse: Two players share one brain. They can only speak one word at a time.  Save ends.

7. Curse of Anton Scrood: All non-d20 rolls are reduced by 1 die type (d12 becomes d10, d10 becomes d8, etc). a d4 becomes a coin flip. Save ends.

8. Rickrollhea: You can only speak to the tune of 1980s songs. Save ends.

9. Treasure Tummy: You throw up garbage once an hour. Roll a d10. If the result is a 10, you throw up a magic item of same level or lower, determined by your GM. Save ends.

10. Brain Swap: Every player passes their character sheet to the left. The effect lasts 1 hour of game time.