In Case You Missed It – November 26th

The November 26th Critical Hit Show was a blast as usual, with our heroes venturing into the mind of Benoit the Anointed (Ian Boothby) to cure him of THE MIND MADNESS. Inside, they defeated his greatest fear: Nunchaku-wielding reindeer! Oh, and one Nunchaku-wielding panda/reindeer thing.


Of course, that’s not the big news. Sure, the hunt for the Mad Cleric goes on, the Tavern is consistently unlocked when the heroes leave, and a bunch of Orcs tried to eat our heroes’ faces, but the thing you really need to know is that Brask Hellbeard and Ingrid are finally getting married!


The Big Day is on Thursday, December 18th, which also happens to be the Most Wonderful Time of the Year in Tarkindale: Owlbear Life Day! Join us at The Rio Theatre on Thursday, December 18th for the next Critical Hit Show. It’s a Tarkindale wedding, and everything goes smoothly at a Tarkindale wedding.



Except for that one time when the Mayor of Tarkindale was beheaded by his bride, who then accused the heroes of his murder plunged the town into hellish darkness.