Joanna Gaskell

Joanna Gaskell is a actor, writer and voiceover artist, who was trained in London, UK, and has been working in Vancouver since 2008. Most recently, she has gained recognition for her writing, acting, and production work on multiple-award-winning webseries Standard Action, a comedy-fantasy series inspired by tabletop roleplaying, video games, and geeky pop culture. She has been spotted at conventions around North America on panels discussing Standard Action, the rise of new media, and the prominent role of women in webseries.
Other recent career highlights for Joanna include playing Lee on stage in the world premiere of The Last Piece by Jacqueline Korb, playing Laura in feature film The Directors Project, and publishing her own audiobook, Cass. This fall, listen for her voice in an all-new animated series on APTN, Animism.
Joanna carries a bag of dice around in her purse at all times, just in case.