Quick Update

Hey, folks! Eric here. We haven’t been updating this site very often because, to be honest, doing the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, the website, *and* putting together a show is a lot of work! Some stuff had to fall by the wayside, and unfortunately one of the things was criticalhitshow.com. Sorry about that.

Things are going to change, though. We’re talking with some very exciting people about switching the system we use for the game side of things (right now we’re using a stripped down, heavily house ruled version of D&D 4e) and we want to get more involved with creating gaming material, we’re on the cusp of launching our new webcomic, and I thought I’d hide this tidbit in here: We’re working on expanding the world of The Critical Hit Show by adding a bi-weekly (meaning once every other week) live streaming game! I’ll be GMing a bunch of comedians in an ongoing campaign on Twitch. I’ve teamed up with some really cool people to get this going, and I can’t wait to get everything in place. Who’s going to be in it? Well, I’ve extended an invitation to all of the current cast, and I’ll be asking some more folks to join us. The idea is to have all new characters questing in the Land of Nordel starting at level 1. I’d ideally like a roster of 6-7 people that we can rotate through, just to make sure we have a full complement of adventurers every time.

Because all of this is going on, I’m doing my damnedest to make criticalhitshow.com the central hub for all things Critical Hit Show.

In the meantime, come to our 4-year anniversary show March 1! Tickets available here!

check out facebook.com/dndlive, twitter.com/critshow, and instagram.com/criticalhitshow for all your Critical Hit Show needs!

Oh, that’s right. criticalhitshow.tumblr.com is a thing too, isn’t it? Jeepers. That’s a lot.

Once everything is up and running, we’ll announce it on all 756 Social Media platforms!