Critical Hit Show Recap

As we get closer and closer to the fourth installment of The Critical Hit Show, I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick recap of what has happened so far.  With one month between shows, it can sometimes be a little hard to remember. So here’s a quick “Who they are” and “What’s Going On.”

Photo by Vicky Van

The Party:

Benoit the Anointed (Ian Boothby), the Half-Elf, Agnostic Cleric.

Brask Hellbeard (Shaun Stewart), the Dwarf Fighter, and brother of the late and beloved Thrask Hellbeard.

Edda (Joanna Gaskell), the Elf Barbarian, taken whole cloth from the wonderful, award-winning web-series “Standard Action.” She rages. And drinks.

Grima Windwords (Lauren McGibbon), the human Thief.

Spitz Lube’n (Allen Morrison), the human Wizard and Tavern owner.

The Story so far:

In the town of Tarkindale, the adventurers were hanging out at The Spitz and Ass, a tavern owned by Spitz Lube’n. As the town was preparing for its annual Pancake Festival, the party uncovered a plot by an evil cult to wipe out the town and resurrect a mythical being known as Zara the Shapeshifter. The Adventurers foiled the plan and drove the cult out of the town.  Jarrod, the leader of the Cult, burned down The Spitz and Ass, and nearly had Brask’s girlfriend Patricia the WereRat killed.  Jarrod fled the town, and headed into the mountains searching for long-forgotten treasures that will give him the power to resurrect Zara and rule the land by her side.  The Adventurers pursued Jarrod, and along the way fought Lizardfolk, Orcs, living statues and sentient globs of Jelly.

The party has tracked Jarrod to the town of Arrington at the foot of Mount Korlak, and hope to beat him to the other side by traveling underneath the mountain itself, through the treacherous tunnels of The Underbelly.  But first, they have a drink at a local Arrington tavern.  And that’s where the next chapter begins…

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