The Critical Hit Show Sideventure Episode 00: Greeble and the Gang (October 2020)

It’s a Very Special Episode ™ of The Critical Hit Show! The heroes of Tarkindale go off on a perilous journey, but they can’t do it alone. Enter Greeble the Gnome Rogue! This is a great episode to jump in on if it’s your first time! And don’t forget to join us the 2nd Wednesday of every month for Sideventure the last Wednesday of every month at for The Critical Hit Show! The Critical Hit Show is a Pay What You Want If You Want show. If you wish to support the artists, you can make a tip to and use the hashtag #dndlive. We’ll be sure to distribute it to the cast!

Barbara Beall
Ian Boothby
Eric Fell
Joanna Gaskell
And Special Guest Star Carla Mah as Greeble the Gnome!