The Critical Hit Show Sideventure Episode 01: Murder They Rolled

It’s the first episode of the Critical Hit Show Sideventure! Benoit goes back to college and takes Greeble, Belle, and Freya with him. There’s betrayal and murder and intrigue and possibly the worst character voice Eric has ever done! All this and more in the first hilarious Critical Hit Show Sideventure! And don’t forget you can catch all the fun LIVE at!

Ian Boothby as Benoit the Anointed
Eric Fell as the Dungeon Master
Joanna Gaskell as Freya
Ellen MacNevin as Belle Strummer
Carla Mah as Greeble

The Critical Hit Show is a Pay What You Want If You Want show. If you’re in a position to help the performers, you can tip at:
Use the Hashtag #dndlive and we’ll be sure to get the payments to the performers! Thanks!