The Critical Hit Show: November 2020

It’s The Critical Hit Show! In our latest hilarious adventure, our heroes receive a box that they should on NO ACCOUNTS OPEN, which they do immediately. What follows is a tale of erotic tripods, clockwork dragons, the return of The Cosmic Chub, and what may very well be the most terrifying creation since the Jellik Hellcats*: DISCOUNT HARVEY. Nothing can prepare you for Discount Harvey. You have been warned.

Join us the last Wednesday of every month at for our live show! Each episode is archived here at The Critical Hit Show YouTube channel, so do the likin’ and the subscribin’ why dontcha?

The Critical Hit Show is a Pay What You Want If You Want show. If you wish to support the artists, you can make a tip a and use the hashtag #dndlive. We’ll be sure to distribute it to the cast!

Starring Ian Boothby, Eric Fell, Ellen MacNevin, Allen Morrison, and Shaun Stewart.